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Tip 1

Save - Start on the right path by learning how to spend less than you make.
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Tip 2

Pay Yourself First - take an amount out of each paycheck and put it in a savings account.
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Tip 3

Big Purchases - save the money first to avoid credit card debt.
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Meet the Team

greg-noonanGreg Noonan - President
I am a 30 year veteran of the financial institution industry whose vision along with our team of associates led to the formation of SaVonk. I have a degree in Finance from Marquette University and have significant professional and personal experience in financial management. This knowledge provides depth and experience for the SaVonk team as they develop tools and information to meet the needs of our customers. Our primary purpose is to provide young adults with financial tools and information that will assist them in making decisions that affect their financial future. I am grateful to our SaVonk team as they work hard to help you, the customer.



patriciaPatricia M. Kaehn - Financial Associate
I am a graduate of Marquette University with a degree in international business and finance. I have lived in Milwaukee for the last 5 years. I love the outdoors and the cool weather in the spring and fall months. I am financially independent and have been for most of my college career. It is stressful but it is rewarding.

I have interned at a few financial companies and took many classes at the Marquette business school. I have been overseas to China, Fiji, New Zealand and Australia. I love to travel. I have done so much and it all revolves around money. Being smart with it, has been key to being able to do what I want and get done what needs to be done.

I have been involved with SaVonk since it began in 2012. I feel that the need for SaVonk is real. That people especially in their college years need financial help and the ones who care are unable to get access to useful, reliable and easy information. I know that I could have used these tools when I was in college and it would have saved me a lot of stress. However these tools are not just for the college bound.

These tools are relevant to anyone and everyone who wants to get their financial life in order. We focus on those in college because it is important to develop habits young so that you can carry them for years.

I hope you enjoy our site and all our hard work to make finance simple and accessible to all.


jasonJason Braun - Marketing Associate
I am a 2013 Marquette University graduate with a major in corporate communications and a minor in entrepreneurship. Pervious work experience comes from the consumer goods manufacturing industry where I was able to work within one company and be a part of several different projects with other departments. This cross functional work has showed me the small nuances that help certain parts of a company run efficiently. This along with my minor in entrepreneurship has given me a skill set that has been integral in the startup of SaVonk. My other areas of knowledge include; marketing, graphic design, continuous process improvement, and lean principals.



margaret-tobinMargaret M Tobin - Marketing and Communications Associate
I am a current business student at Marquette University, planning to graduate in May of 2014 with a major in Marketing. I became involved with SaVonk in the winter of 2013, and fully joined the team in summer 2013 as a Marketing and Communications Associate. Being mostly financially independent from my parents since freshman year of college, I have put lots of thought and time into budgeting my spending and keeping track of my savings. Stressing about rent, groceries, bills, and the like, I am happy to say that SaVonk is now the answer to all my financial problems and questions, as it can be for you.



stephanie-savonkStephanie (Xueyan) Wang - Financial Associate

I am a graduate student of Marquette University, majoring in MS accounting. I received my bachelors degree in China and I have been in the United States for two years. I have a solid accounting background and my fascination with finance and accounting has grown steadily during my business school studies. I have had finance internships at banks, auction houses, and publishing houses. I have been involved with SaVonk since it began in 2012. SaVonk provides easy and reliable information and financial tools to help young adults make better financial decisions. I like SaVonk and the individualized financial management can make life easier and give you the freedom to make choices.


What Sets Us Apart ?

We Do Not Sell Our Customer Data.
We Respect Our Customers And Their Data