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ATM Withdrawals

With every existing Automated Teller Machine (ATM), the customer inserts their plastic debit or credit card in order to make a cash withdrawal, make cash transfers, or simply check one's account balance without the need for a human bank teller for assistance. All in all, it's fast and easy.

What really get you with an ATM are the fees. Fees are made for charging the customer for convenience when they choose to use an ATM that is not linked up to their bank in which their account is located, either virtually or physically.

In a personal experience, I have had to pay fees of three to four dollars when I take money out of a non-chase ATM, which is the bank where my account is located. With a bank of America ATM located closer to my house than a Chase Bank ATM, I am paying for the convenience in which I do not have to walk all the way to the Chase bank ATM, considering I do not own a car.

ATMs are extremely convenient for the customer who is looking for a quick and opportune way to take out money. Unfortunately, if not done so strategically, you can get charged each time you decide to withdraw from a bank ATM that is not your own.

In order to avoid these fees, make sure you know where an ATM that represents your bank is located. This information can be found on Google maps online, as well as apps for your Smartphone, such as ATM Locator, Fine Near Me for iPhone, Ally's ATM & Cash Locator, MoneyPass ATM Locator, and many more. It's also a good idea to take more cash out at one time if you have no choice to take money out of a foreign ATM, to avoid multiple fees every time you need the quick cash.

Wisdom from a SaVonk Team member