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Tip 1

Save - Start on the right path by learning how to spend less than you make.
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Tip 2

Pay Yourself First - take an amount out of each paycheck and put it in a savings account.
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Tip 3

Big Purchases - save the money first to avoid credit card debt.
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Savings Tools

Calculate savings percentage

This is all on you! Input how much you want to save and the tool will put this amount over your monthly income and give you the percentage of your income you are saving. Be careful though don’t save more than you have the ability to save. Refer back to where your money goes and what you have left over. SAVE only after MAIN expenses are PAID.

How much will I have if I save X?

Know what you can save each month, plug in that number and have SaVonk compute how much you will have if you just save it or if you bank it.

How long till I can buy it?

Know how much you can save, know the price of the item you want. Plug it in! Let SaVonk tell you how long till you can walk in and buy it outright.